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Western Association of Schools and Colleges 6 Year Term: 2018-2024

Awards and Recognition
California Gold Ribbon School California Digital High School
California Distinguished High School Recognized School of Excellence
California Top 100 High Schools United States Department of Education
Irvine High School

Irvine High School is located in the city of Irvine, Orange County, California. Irvine High School is one of five comprehensive 4-year high schools in the Irvine Unified School District, with an enrollment of 2,059 including 532 seniors. The student population is diverse with over 20 native languages spoken. 40% of the senior class go directly to 4 year post-secondary schools, while 42% enter a community college, and the remaining students attend a trade/technical school, join the military or workforce.

Special Programs

Community support for education has enabled Irvine High School to maintain excellent academic and co-curricular programs since the school was opened in 1976. Community Service is recognized by the Board of Education with a special certificate and noted on the transcript for any student who serves 25 hours or more per school year.

Academic Focus: Semester Block

Irvine High School has a 4/4 Semester Block Schedule. The academic year is comprised of two semesters. The school day is organized into four (4) ninety minute blocks. Students have the opportunity to take some classes in solid blocks and to take other classes in alternating blocks. Solid block classes meet every day earning 10 units per semester. Alternating block classes meet every other day and earn 5 units per semester. Students may be enrolled in English in one semester, and enrolled in Social Science and Foreign Language classes in the other, thereby focusing on fewer academic subjects at any given time. A full academic load requires students to be enrolled in three classes each day. The fourth class is for enrichment, additional electives or athletics. Many seniors are concurrently enrolled in college classes. In addition, large numbers of students attend a six weeksummer school program.

Most Rigorous Courses
H American Literature H Spanish 4* AP Calculus A/B and B/C*
H British Literature AP Spanish* H Modern World History
AP English Language and Literature* H French 4* AP European History*
AP English Composition and Literature* AP French* AP U. S. History*
Biology H Korean 5* AP American Government*
Chemistry AP Computer Science * AP Macro Economics*
Physics H Geometry H Comparative Religions
Advanced Premedical Studies I/II Enhanced Math 2 AP Music Theory*
AP Biology* Enhanced Math 3 * AP Art History*
AP Chemistry* H Algebra II/ Trigonometry AP Art Studio - 2D Design*
AP Physics* H Pre Calculus* AP Art Studio - 3D Design*
AP Environmental Science* AP Statistics* AP Art Drawing*

* Only these courses are awarded bonus points in the calculation of the academic GPA; an A in one of these courses is worth 5 points on a 4 point scale.

Test Results

Results for 2016-2017

National Merit Scholarship
2016 PSAT Semi Finalists 6
2016 PSAT Commended 29

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
Combined Average 1287

Average Composite Score 27.9
Advanced Placement Results 2017
Of the 1,250 AP exams taken, 91.5% received a passing score.

Ranking: The School prefers not to rank its students. The difference between the student who ranked 10th and the one who ranked 20th is often less than 00.10 grade point and can be very misleading.

The Athletic program at Irvine High School has a tradition of excellence and has been recognized as one of the top ten programs in Orange County. We offer comprehensive programs in football, cross country, volleyball, water polo, tennis, basketball, soccer, wrestling, golf, track, swimming, lacrosse, baseball and softball, winning titles in Pacific Coast League, Southern Section CIF, State and national competitions.

The Instrumental Music Program has been designated as a Grammy “Signature Gold” School by the Grammy Foundation, honoring Irvine High as one of the top 10 music programs in the nation. The program enrolls over 500 musicians in Marching Band (150 members), Jazz Ensemble 1 and 2, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Piano and Guitar.

Vocal Music enrolls over 200 students in Treble Chorus, Canta Bella, Bass Chorus, Chorale, Irvine Singers , Music Theory and AP Music Theory .

The Theater Arts program enrolls 100 students. Drama performs a Fall Play, a Winter Musical and a Spring Play. The Dance program enrolls over 100 dancers in three levels of Dance Tech, plus the Dance Ensemble. In addition, a comprehensive Technical Theater program completes the Performing Arts.

The Visual Arts program includes course offerings in Painting and Drawing, Ceramics, Multicultural Arts, Media Studies/Video Production, Computer Art, Visual Imagery and four (4) AP Art and Art History courses. All of these courses meet University of California requirements.

The Career Technical Ed program includes course offerings in Career Exploration and Computer Applications, Keyboarding, Web Site Design , Intro to Engineering Design and Practical Auto.

In Activities, leadership credits are awarded to Associated Student Body (ASB) officers, Student Forum representatives, and class officers. The school is proud of an award winning yearbook and newspaper.