Mission Statement & Values

Our mission is to enable all students to become contributing members of the society, empowered with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world, by providing the highest quality educational experience we can envision.

We believe:

  • In the dignity and value of every human being.
  • All people can learn and thrive.
  • Students are our highest priority.
  • Excellence is worth the investment.
  • Quality people are the key to excellence.
  • Effective teachers are the most important component for successful learning.
  • Successful education is the shared responsibility of students, educators, parents, and community.
  • Critical thinking and creativity are essential in a rapidly changing world.
  • Positive self-esteem promotes success.
  • Parents are an important element in a student's education.
  • Students deserve a safe, positive, nurturing environment.
  • Educated people are essential to the success of a democratic society.
  • All students are entitled the opportunity to reach their highest potential.
  • Morale, satisfaction, and performance are enhanced when people work together.

Lastly, we developed an acronym IHS strongly emphasizes and carries out:

Integrity: firm adherence to a code of moral values; honesty; incorruptibility.
Honor Yourself & Others: a keen sense of ethical conduct toward one's self and to the whole community.
Social Responsibility: acting with empathy and concern.