Principal's Message

Dear Irvine High School Community,

Welcome to Irvine High School. The transition through high school and into the future is exciting, complex, rewarding and filled with opportunity and hope.

The courses offered at Irvine High School are designed both to meet graduation requirements and to satisfy the eligibility requirements for college admission. Successful completion of these requirements will call for a commitment to learning, for responsible attendance, and for consistent academic performance. Your involvement in academics and co-curricular activities will enhance your experiences as a high school student. 

At Irvine High School, emphasis is placed on helping students realize their individual interests, abilities, and special talents, while recognizing their personal and career goals. School wide our culture is founded on the values of Integrity, Honoring Self and Others and Social Responsibility for which the definitions have been defined by our students who also understand that these values are at the forefront of what it is to be an Irvine Vaquero.

Our Teacher Advisement Program and the unique Block Schedule in our comprehensive high school provide a foundation for success. We encourage students and parents/guardians to communicate with teachers, Counselors, and teacher advisors as they plan and arrange their high school program.

Regardless of your post-high school intentions, we at Irvine High School encourage you to continue your education and to continue learning into the years beyond your high school graduation. We have confidence in your abilities and potential.

Have a Great Year,

Monica Colunga Ed.D.
Principal, Irvine High School