Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance for the 2023 - 2024 School Year

All athletes must be cleared before participating in summer camps, tryouts and/or participate on an athletic team during the school year through 

Note: Completion of the Athletic Clearance Process does NOT guarantee that you will be on a athletic team, if that team also requires earning a place on the team through a tryout.

Athletic Clearance Process Steps - CLICK HERE

Description of Required Forms

There are 3 forms that must be uploaded to be cleared for athletics.

1)      Physical form – top section must be filled out with all questions answered, signed, and dated by parent.  If you answer “yes” to ANY questions, you MUST explain in the box below #25. If you do not explain specifically, the clearance will be denied. Bottom section must be filled out, signed, dated, and stamped by physician (physician must check off level of activity and forms must be dated, stamped, and legible). If any activity is not check of form is not signed, dated, stamped, or legible, the clearance will be denied. Please upload to “Physical Form”

·       The only physical form accepted is the IUSD physical form (attached). Do not upload any other form.

·       The only exception to this is athlete’s with Kaiser insurance. For those with Kaiser, you are able to upload the 1 page physical form from your Kaiser physician but you must still fill out and upload the entire top section of the IUSD Physical form. (Kaiser athlete’s only will have 4 forms total.

2)      Statement of Consent & Signature Confirmation  – must be hand signed and dated by both athlete and parent. Typed signatures will not be accepted. (attached) Please upload to “Statement of Consent & Signature Confirmation”

3)      Insurance Card – must be a picture of an actual card, no screenshots off insurance websites will be accepted. Please upload front and back as 1 upload. (if you need to do front and back separately, upload back to “additional forms”. By uploading an insurance card, you are verifying the insurance covers the child (ex. card with a different last name than child). Please upload to “Proof of Insurance”

These are the ONLY 3 (or 4 for Kaiser insurance) forms that should be uploaded. Please do not upload any other forms.