Social Studies

“Ideas shape the course of history” (John Maynard Keynes). A social science education helps equip students to create, refine, and express their own ideas. Developing scholarship, decision-making skills, and a strong sense of citizenship are the primary goals in studying the social sciences. In addition, our curriculum reinforces and complements the Irvine High values of Integrity, Honor, and Social Responsibility.

Building from students’ prior learning experiences, the Social Science curriculum is vertically aligned to develop both content knowledge and academic skills in order to support and challenge students as they move through the department’s required and elective course offerings. Learning experiences and assessments are intended to improve critical thinking skills and the academic literacy skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, with the goal of students demonstrating a deeper understanding of subject matter. The curriculum reflects coverage of a variety of personal, local, national, and international topics as well as a balanced examination of historical and current controversies.