Spur Awards 2021 - Thursday May 20th

Spur Awards 2021

The Spur Award Ceremony honors our students who received either a Fall or Spring Spur Award by sharing a prerecorded virtual ceremony.

Please join us in recognizing and celebrating these students!  

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS Irvine High School Spur Awards Ceremony

The Spur Awards are always a special awards ceremony, and even more so this year, as we honor students who have exhibited impressive character and perseverance during the challenges of an unprecedented pandemic. The group of Vaqueros we celebrate this year have showcased maturity, integrity, flexibility, and determination that has inspired and encouraged us all. 

A huge thank you to Irvine High School graduate Nick Kuo (Class of 2020) who ended up creating the awards ceremony and did an incredible job!  Lastly, a huge thank you to Kristin Kamai, Rebeccah Phillips and her iTV Crew, Bob King, Chris Nguyen, and Francesca Saugez for your help!