Unity Week February 20-23! "You've Got a Friend in Me"

Unity Week

Celebrate Unity Week from February 20th to 23rd! Enjoy cookie decorating, free lei giveaways, a food fair, puppy therapy, a talk by guest speaker Keith Hawkins, and a Soak Challenge for Charity during lunch on the 23rd. Join us for a week of creativity, camaraderie, and compassion!

2/20 - Cookie Decorating at Lunch - Show off your creative side! 

2/21 - "Lei your worries aside" pick up free Lei at lunch. And, purchase a candy lei for 3.00 to share a sweet treat with someone! 

2/22–Food Fair and Puppies — puppy peace, food, and friendship! In the practice gym quad area and practice gym. (Tickets for food fair on sale in the Spur Shop — cash only. 1.00 per ticket. Food items between 1.00-7.00).

2/23 - Unity Week Guest Speaker Keith Hawkins

LTA - Soak Challenge for Charity and Joe’s Italian Ice giveaway—while supplies last. In the student center quad area. 

Unity Week Triple Assembly