Athletic Clearance Process

  1. Start Clearance Here:
  2. Create an account. Click the “register” button to start an account. Use PARENTS email address and password. If you already have an account, you do not need to create another one. One account per family.
  3. Once logged in, SELECT the “Start Clearance Here” button (upper left corner) to get started.
  4. SELECT year, school and sport. Choose Irvine (CIFSS) for the school. 
  5. Section #1: Student information
    • A) Complete all required fields. 
    • B) Student ID: not required
    • C) Insurance Provider and Policy Number: All Athletes are required to have insurance. (If you need to obtain insurance, please contact the athletics office for a list of resources.)
    • D) Education History 
    • Click on Save
  6. To Upload Physical
    1. Click Choose File (Do Not Use Choose From Documents Library)
    2. Choose scanned .pdf or photo image of Physical
    3. Click Save on Bottom Left Hand Corner
  7. Section #2: Medical History. Complete all required fields. Click Save when Completed.
  8. Section #3: Parent/Guardian information. Complete all required fields. Click Submit when Completed.
  9. Step #4: Signatures. 
    • A) Parent/Guardian Signatures (In Parent Section): Parent should read and are required to “sign” all forms by typing FULL NAME in box – do not just initial 
    • B) Student Signatures (In Student Section): Student should read and are required to “sign” all forms by typing STUDENT FULL NAME in box – do not just initial 
    • C) Click Submit
  10. Complete and Upload Confirmation Message
  11. Email when finished and you have uploaded all 3 completed forms (physical/health history, confirmation message, and proof of insurance).  Please be sure to tell her your child's full name and the sport you’d like to be cleared for today. Again, please do not send any forms to be uploaded.
  12. At the end of the process you will have the option to select additional sports. Sign up for ALL sports that student has interest in participating. Student must be cleared for each season of sport, by selecting all interested sports.

Re-submission of updated physical to existing account

You can check the status of your child’s athletic clearance by logging in to your account at Athletic Clearance It must show “Cleared” for the 2022-2023 school year. Uploading your Physical after creating an account:

  1. Login to
  2. In the “Physicals” column, click the yellow pencil.
  3. Where it says: “Upload Physical Form,” click the “Choose File” button
  4. Find your physical form from where you saved it on your computer, click “open”
  5. Click “save” button