11th Grade


Junior Timeline

Please see the link below regarding important things to know during the Junior year:


Junior Year Timeline


MANDATORY Junior Seminar

April 19th, 2021 through TA


Financial Aid and Scholarships

November 2nd, 2020 through TA

Applying to Private Schools and Letters of Recommendation Presentation


Exchange Club Youth of the Month Program (Pending for 20/21 School Year)

The Exchange Club is a group of men and women focused on making the world a better place by promoting national projects, child abuse prevention and community service projects. As part of their focus, the Exchange Club recognizes high school juniors who also aspire to make the world a better place. Youth of the Month selections are based on students’ active commitments in providing services to various school and community organizations.

Nominees must be:
        A high school junior
        An “all-around” student
        Involved in school organization(s) (government, newspaper, music, dance, theater, athletics, club membership and/or leadership)
        Should be a member of a community organization
        Should be involved in community volunteering 


Saturday, October 17th 



Registration Window: September 14th to September 25th.


This is for Juniors only. Please click this LINK for more information 


11th Grade Counseling Presentations (Fall and Spring Semesters)

All junior students will attend an 11th Grade Counseling Presentation during their TA class during the first or second semester. The Presentation will cover the three counseling domains: ACADEMIC,PERSONAL-SOCIAL, CAREER and how the counseling program is structured around these domains.


PowerPoint will be posted after students receive the presentation.


The students will learn:



  • Irvine High School Diploma and College/University Entrance Requirements
  • College Prep Requirements (Minimum vs. Recommended)
  • Higher Education Options (Community College, CSU. UC, and Private University Systems)
  • Senior Year Planning (Graduation, Educational, and Career Goals)
  • Standardized Testing Information and Timeline
  • College Planning
  • College Search Activity


  • Discussion on Decisions, Goals, and Conflict Resolution
  • Resources


  • All students will receive an overview of the LIFE Center (Irvine College and Career Center)
  • Information on NAVIANCE where students can begin their career research
  • Resources