9th Grade


Freshmen Timeline

Please see the link below regarding important things to know during the Freshmen year:


Freshmen Year Timeline


9th GRADE CLASS PRESENTATIONS (Fall and Spring Semesters)

All freshmen students will attend a 9th Grade Counseling Presentation during their English class during the first or second semester. The Presentation will cover the three counseling domains:ACADEMIC, PERSONAL-SOCIAL, CAREER and how the counseling program is structured around these domains.

Please click HERE for the PowerPoint.
The students will learn:
  • Who is my counselor?
  • How can I see my counselor?
  • Where is my counselor located?
  • The Importance of 9th Grade



  • Successful Academic Planning
  • Study Skill Information
  • Irvine High School Diploma and College/University Requirements
  • Higher Education Options
  • The students will begin a 4-year Plan



  • Discussion on Decisions, Goals, and Conflict Resolution



  • All students will receive a tour of the LIFE Center (Irvine College and Career Center)
  • Information on NAVIANCE where students can begin their career research